måndag 14 maj 2007

Rufus Wainwright is Messiah

Jag skickade precis den här texten till en kompis och det slog mig att andra kanske vill ha lite gratis konsumentrådgivning. Så håll till godo. Bloggens första text på engelska, för övrigt. Stavfel och grammatik kan rättas i kommentarer.

"Release the stars" is available on iTunes! I'm a less is more guy normally, but I make an exception for Rufus, who now and then reminds me that sometimes more is more. Then again, below my crusty appearance, I'm a sentimental fool. I always thought that Want 2 was the more accomplished album, but it lacked some of the sincerity - for a lack of a better word - of Want 1. Maybe RW was in love when he wrote Want 2. If that's the case, RTS suggests that he is out of love again, and it all went horribly wrong.

His loss is our gain. RTS is fantastic. It has the effortless sense of accomplishment of Want 2, the sincerity of Want 1, and something else too - world-weariness? maturity? His music has always sounded like Leonard Cohen meeting Elton John ca 1975, by way of Gilbert & Sullivan, but it is more Cohen now, and also something more truly original, I think. His voice is peerless, as always.

I bet that RTS is going to reach no 102 on the US chart and then die a slow chart death. Then again, Rufus is the Nick Drake of our time. He is doomed to be discovered by the masses. I hope he keeps his sanity and his health while we wait.

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